I guess you could say a lot has changed in our relationship over the past year. But then again you could probably say that for most relationships. I remember when we first started talking and all he could talk about was my smile and how beautiful he thought it was. He would tell me that as long as I was smiling, that was all that mattered as he called me “his Queen”. Of course he still does these things and they still make my heart skip a beat each time he does, but our relationship consists of so much more these days. Our days are no longer full of sending each other a million snapchat pictures just so we can see the other person’s cute face. Instead, they contain the dreaded questions like “What sounds good for dinner?” or “Can you please do the laundry when you get home?” or include statements like “We overdrew OUR account.” (Oops!)

So, tonight as I was clicking through my phone getting ready to call my love, I couldn’t help but look down at his ear to ear grin and smile to myself. This picture, one of the previous snaps I referred to earlier, made me realize just how far we’ve come. I’m not sure at what point things started changing; some days it feels like it was overnight and some days the changes feel gradual. It seems funny how we tend to forget some of the things that had such major influence in the beginning. But this I am sure of, that every day I wake up, I am thankful for this man who makes my life so wonderful. If someone would have told me that this was where my life was going to end up, I never would have believed them. I have no idea where the future is going to take us or what new things it will bring our way, but I can only hope that we will always be able to look back and remember where we started and realize just how far we’ve come. Together. As an us.



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