“How Can I help?”

Last night, while I was venting to my soon to be husband about all the stress that was coming from planning our wedding, he asked me a question that completely shocked me. Who knew the four words, “How can I help?” have so much meaning behind them, even though there isn’t really a whole lot that he can do. In that moment he made me realize that I’m not alone in this. I think as women, we sometimes forget that there is another person included, a whole other side to the story to be considered . We feel as if the burden of planning everything down to the tiniest little detail is solely our responsibility, and it’s not. Why should it be? This isn’t just my wedding, it’s our wedding. Which he ever so kindly reminded me of last night. And while there may not be anything that he can physically do to help, the fact that he was willing and able to listen to my concerns is more of a contribution than I could have ever expected. He’s my rock and every day I am reminded more and more why I have made the decision to spend the rest of my life with him.


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