Second chances

I was never really one to believe in second chances. For other people, yes, but not for myself. What is it about true, ultimate consuming love that changes everything and makes us believe in things we never thought possible?

There I was, trying to accept the fact that maybe there was no happily ever after for me with someone. As much as I refused to believe that, it seemed the harder I fought it, the lonelier I seemed to be. But just like the saying goes, when I finally began to accept my life for the way it was and stopped looking, there he was. I think there is something endearing about being on your own (don’t get me wrong, it has taken me YEARS to come to this conclusion and I am still one of the most helpless people in the world, but I have come a LONG way). After everything I have been through and learned in all of my years, I believe it is almost necessary for a person to be on their own before they can be successful in a relationship.  It’s as if we can’t truly appreciate what it is like to be a partner to someone without experiencing life as a single. There comes an appreciation from having to no longer do things on your own, but also a sense of understanding as well.

I married my first husband so young. Pregnant at the age of 19 didn’t really allow for us to take our time, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I would change for the world.  So, here I am almost 10 years later getting ready to start over and I can’t help but feel as if I have lived an entire life already. But the thing that I am most thankful about in all of this, is that I actually get the chance to do it right this time. That someone out there felt I deserved a second chance at the greatest thing on Earth, love.


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